Bardolino is located on the east shore of Lake Garda, about 30 km from the city of Verona and is one of the most important and well-known tourist destinations in Northern Italy.

Bardolino borders to the north with the town of Garda and to the south with the town of Lazise, while the two characteristic strips of land known as Punta Mirabello and Punta Cornicello enclose it directly on the shores of the lake.

Bardolino is located at the foot of the moraine hills, covered with olive groves and vineyards, and is known not only for the production of the homonymous wine and extra virgin olive oil, but also for the lively lifestyle of the historic center given by the characteristic alleys, restaurants , shops and the splendid walk along the lake.

During the year numerous events are organized that attract visitors from all over Italy and also from many foreign countries such as Austria, Germany and Holland.

The weekly market, with the offer of many local products, is held on Thursday mornings, and during the stay it is possible to taste the typical products of the area enjoying a magnificent landscape.